FACT progress.

after doing the sketchbook to clarify my ideas in my own mind i was feeling really good about this project, there had been quite a period of time when the project had no direction and therefore was not moving forward at all. i had a tutorial on thursday (yesterday) that i had booked when i was drowning a little bit but i went with sketchbook in hand to explain my new train of thought and where i saw it going. LUCKILY pete seemed to find my idea (the exposition of dead animals) quite interesting and now the only issue is hoping that it lives up to visualisations and expectations.


Stephanie Kirchem said...

as is always the way i got a bit lost again after this. this just shows i need to record these things more fervently. need to force this into habit and i am going to keep going on this and my sketchbooks to try and catch come of the ideas that might fade away otherwise.

Peter Kirchem said...

Hello Stephanie - I think we may be related ! If your Dad is Anthony and lives in Woking, then he, my cousin and you are..well, I can't work it out. 2nd cousin?
Your illustrations are fantastic. They really are! I like the children in particular. My girlfriend Caroline is a book illustator as well. Her name is Caroline and her website (which I am just in the middle of doing) is
Maybe one day we can meet up and I can take a look at your portfolio ! In the meantime all the best - Peter Kirchem.